Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brandy i Monica snimaju novi duet / Brandy & Monica record new duet

Jedan od najpoznatijih dueta devedesetih svakako je "The Boy Is Mine", koji izvode Brandy Monica. One su posle 14 godina rešile da ponovo udruže snage i na radost fanova obe pevačice ponovo snime duet. Pesma se zove "It All Belongs to Me" i biće objavljena 6. februara. Numera će se naći i na novim albumima obe pevačice koji će biti biti objavljeni u martu. Producent ovog singla, Rico Love, kaže da je to soul R&B numera sa pop uticajem i melodijom prihvatljivom za sve žanrove. Dok se novi duet ne pojavi, možete se podsetiti klasika "The Boy Is Mine" ispod ovog posta.


One of the best known duets of the 1990s certainly is "The Boy Is Mine"  by Brandy & Monica. Fans od both singers were happy to hear that they decided to hit the studio together again after 14 years to record a new duet. The song's title is "It All Belongs to Me"  and will be released on Feb 6. The track will also be featured on new albums of both singers, to be released in March. The single's producer, Rico Love, says it's a very soulful R&B song with pop sensibilities and a melody big enough for all genres. While we wait for this duet to primere, let's check out "The Boy Is Mine" again below this post.

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